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The World Has Changed − Has Your Estate Plan?

Over the course of my 25-plus-year legal career in San Diego, I have worked with many families facing difficult circumstances, where court supervision of their affairs is imminent because they have no plan in place. When I founded The Law Offices of Sallie Manley, I did so to help clients deal with the legal challenges that result when the unexpected occurs and court supervision of a person or estate or both is a distinct possibility because no proactive plan is in place. By carefully listening to clients and assessing choices available to them, I can tailor legal representation to meet their specific needs.

Putting Together The Right Planning Strategy

When certain health challenges emerge, many clients have concerns and need specific information about how they will pay for care, whether the care is long-term care, or in-home care, or outpatient rehabilitation services. When certain planning strategies are in place or when information about certain resources is available, I am able to help clients find a solution when there is tension between ongoing costs of care and preservation of quality of life. In these situations, as in all areas of estate planning, I counsel clients on common ethical concerns: how to avoid conflicts of interest and minimize the risk of self-dealing by fiduciaries; how to avoid triggering a presumption of undue influence when arranging compensation for care custodians and other fiduciaries. Clearly, sound legal advice in this area is always a priority to protect you and your beneficiaries.

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Working With You To Face Challenges

I offer comprehensive estate planning services along with assistance with elder law issues. Every estate plan presents unique challenges. Taking a proactive approach to each potential issue results in a sound estate plan to meet each challenge. When you have a carefully thought out estate planning solution, you can move forward with confidence.

My job as an estate planning lawyer is to help you build a plan — or update an existing one — in a way that fits both your current needs and your vision for the future. Similarly, my job as an elder law attorney is to help protect your golden years and ensure the care of your elderly family members. Whatever your legal need, know that I will put my decades of legal experience to work on your behalf.

Learn Why Californians Choose My Law Firm

If you would like to discover why the people of San Diego County and the surrounding areas in Southern California have put their trust in me since 1990, you can do so by scheduling an appointment at my law office in La Mesa, California. To schedule your first appointment, you can call 619-916-3296 or email my office.